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Cyclic Corrosion Chambers

Cyclic Corrosion Chambers

Cyclic corrosion chambers combines the capabilities of a temperature humidity chamber and a salt spray chamber into one chamber.

Salt spray test chamber focus on the salt spray test, while more sophisticated automotive methods may call for multi-step cycles that incorporate humidity or condensation, along with salt spray and dry-off. So cyclic corrosion chambers are designed to fulfill this requirement, which are used throughout the automotive, aerospace, fasteners, electronics, paints and coating industries!

The referred test standard have SAE J 2334, ASTM G85 Annex 5, GM 9540P, ASTM B 117, ASTM D1735 etc.

We could customize this kind of cyclic corrosion chambers according to requirement. Please try to provide the information below for getting a targeted quotation.
1) Product type
2) Size of sample to be tested
3) Quantity to test
4) Test standard to use (or ask us)
5) Duration of test
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