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Walk inDrive in Chamber

Walk inDrive in Chamber

Walk in/Drive in chambers can make test for large components, finished products like automobile.

According to different test requirement and application, walk in chamber could divide into 2 types: Welded walk-in chamber and Modular walk-in chamber.

Welded walk-in chamber is applied for requiring high temperature and high humidity testing over 85°C, or rapid temperature change rates.

Modular walk-in chamber is most suitable for the temperature test only, low humidity or other environmental stimulation test like rain, solar etc. It can be constructed in any size ranging from the very small to the extremely large. For convenient for the ship delivery, the panels will be divided into suitable pieces.

The professional engineers from Morningtest will make permanent installation at customer’s facility.

We could customize all kind of walk in/drive in chamber. please try to provide the information below for getting a targeted quotation.
1) Product type
2) Size of sample to be tested
3) Quantity to test
4) Test standards or test methods
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