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Salt Spray Test Chamber

Salt spray test chamber is the most reliable equipment for checking corrosion resistance of surface coatings when exposed to a salt-laden environment.

Model MT-108S MT-270S MT-412S MT-663S MT-1080S
Chamber Workspace Volume(L) 108L 270L 412L 663L 1080L
Workspace dims.(mm) Width 600 900 1100 1300 2000
Deep 450 600 750 850 900
Height 400 500 500 600 600
External dims.(mm) Width 1140 1460 1730 2150 2850
Deep 780 960 1100 1230 1280
Height 1050 1150 1240 1410 1460
Salt solution reservoir dims. Width 230 350 350 570 570
Deep 250 360 360 360 360
Height 190 200 200 240 240
Performance Temperature range RT+5℃ ~55℃
Temperature fluctuation ≤ ± 0.5 ℃
Temperature uniformity ≤ 2°C
Salt spray fall-out rates 1~2ml/80 cm².h (16 hours average)
Compressed air pressure 2~4 kg/cm2(0.2~0.4Mpa/28.4~56.8psi)
Spray pressure 1 kg/cm2(0.1Mpa/14.2psi)
Test methods NSS; AASS; CASS
Construction Material Chamber Polypropylene
Heating Heater type Titanium alloy heater
Control and sense system Controller Touch screen temperature controller
Timing range 1~9999(H.M.S) adjustable
Temp. sensor PT-100Ω Dry bulb
Facility requriement Air 0.8Mpa (114psi) with 120L/min air flow
Water Deionized/distilled water for topping up air saturator and making salt solution.
Electricity supply 1 phase 1 phase 1 phase 3 phase
Voltage (VAC) and frequency (Hz) dependant on country/region of installation.
Operating environment conditions +5℃~ +28℃ ≤ 85%RH
Accessories V-shaped specimen shelf Making 15˚ and 30˚ leaning test
Round bar specimen shelf Hanging tiny test specimen for testing like fasteners
Glass spray nozzle Producing wet and dense salt spray
Funnel Collecting salt spray to metering cup
Metering cup Collecting salt spray
Exhaust pipe 2m exhaust pipe is provided which should be terminated outside building
Drain pipe 2m drain pipe provided which should be terminated into floor level drain
Safety protection Over temperature protection;
Lack of water protector;
Over, absence and phase reverse voltage protector(3 phase)
leakage protection etc.

Salt spray test chamber is the most reliable equipment for checking corrosion resistance of surface coatings when exposed to a salt-laden environment. This time-tested product has been specifically designed to assess the rust-proof ability of components to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. It provides complete flexibility in simulation of real life weathering conditions.

The temperature range for salt spray is 5°C above ambient temperature up to +55°C.

Salt spray test chamber is suitable for standard salt/fog testing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227 (DIN 50021),ASTM B117 and similar international test standards, and can be used with pH neutral salt solutions (NSS) or those acidified by the addition of Acetic Acid (ASS) or Cupric Acid (CASS).

Salt Spray chambers are commonly used to evaluate the corrosive properties of:
Phosphated surfaces (with subsequent paint/primer/lacquer/rust preventive).
Zinc and Zinc-alloy plating (see also electroplating).
Electroplated chromium, nickel, copper and tin.
Coatings not applied electrolytically (such as zinc flake coatings).
Organic Coatings.
Paint Coating.

Standard Features
Salt spray test chamber offers state of the art corrosion testing technology, reliability, ease of operation and easy maintenance – all at a remarkably affordable price.
Japanese Unique 7" color touch-screen operator control interface
Meet the requirements of continuous salt spray tests conducted at a single temperature only, such as ASTM B117 and similar international test standards with Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSS) or Acetic Acid Salt Spray (ASS) or Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test (CASS).
2 kinds of test specimen shelf: V-shaped and Round bar fits for different product type
Interior viewing window for clear observation for the test specimen
Consumables spares kit.
Hard-wearing acrylic salt spray atomizer(s)
Remove the salt spray to the sewer or outside from exhaust pipe at the back of chamber by pushing the button on the controller panel after test before the chamber is opened.
Highly accurate sensor made from platinum components for increased sensitivity
The glass atomizing nozzle insures the salt solution is introduced into the test environment evenly and at the proper concentration.
Low loading threshold for loading and unloading.

Optional Accessories
Chamber internal salt water tank could make automated testing for up to 72 hours, adding external storage tank(1000L), a tower level control and a salt spray solution reservoir level control to automatically refill the system could extend the testing time up to 7 days.
Push button controller for saving cost
Automatic pure water refill system
Air compressor