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Temperature Test Chambers

Temperature test chambers focus on the required temperature simulation test from 4 optional low temperature -70 °C; -60°C; -40°C; -20°C to high temperature 180 °C.

1.Chamber working room size could customize.
2.If test specimens have active load during test, please inform us.
3.This is temperature only model, if need make humidity test, please refer to humidity chambers.

Model MT-101TH MT-225TH MT-504TH MT-816TH MT-1000TH
Workspace Volume(L) 100 225 504 816 1000
Workspace Dimensions (mm) Width 450 600 800 1000 1000
Deep 450 500 700 800 1000
Height 500 750 900 1000 1000
External Dimensions (mm) Width 1000 1150 1340 1550 1550
Deep 1160 1210 1260 1370 1560
Height 1610 1870 2070 2170 2170
Control model Balanced Temperature&Humidity Control System(BTHC system)
Performance Temperature range
A: 0~150℃ B:-20~150℃ C:-40~150℃ D:-60~150℃ E:-70~150℃
Temperature fluctuation ≤ ± 0.5 ℃
Temperature uniformity ≤ 2°C
Temperature deviation ≤ ± 2°C
Heating rate 1~3 °C/min
Cooling rate 0.7~1 °C/min
Humidity range 20~98% RH
Humidity deviation ≤+2/-3%RH
Construction Material Exterior A3 Steel board with powder coated
Interior Mirror Stainless Steel-SUS#304
Thermal insulation Glass fiber cotton or polyurethane foam
viewing window Tempered glasses with conducting film
Air circulation Fan type Centrifugal Sirocco Fan
Refrigeration Cooling method Single/Cascade refrigerating (air cooled)
Compressor Hermetically
Condenser Air Cooled-plate fins with fan
Evaporator Fin with several segments
Refrigerants Environmentally friendly
Heating Heater type Nickel-chromium naked wire heating
Humidifying system Humidifying method Shallow water bath with immersed stainless steel heater/sensor system to generate uniform humidity.
Supplying water Electromagnetic pump
tank capacity 15L (Auto fill via pump)
Control and sense system Controller 7" color touch-screen
Timing range 1~9999 (H.M.S)adjustable
Temp. sensor PT-100Ω Dry bulb
Humidity sensor PT-100Ω Wet bulb
Facility requriement Water Deionized/distilled water for topping up water tank
Electricity supply 3 phase
Voltage (VAC) and frequency (Hz) dependant on country/region of installation.
Operating environment conditions +5℃~ +28℃ ≤ 85%RH
Accessories Cable access port soft plug; Specimen holdersWet bulb gauze; Fuses; Drain-pipe
Safety protection Over temperature protection;
Compressor overload and high pressure protector;
Over, absence and phase reverse voltage protector;
Lack of water protector;
Humidifier thermal overshoot protector
Circuit breaker; Fire protection; Alarms;
leakage protection; pressure relief/equalization vent

Temperature test chambers focus on the required temperature simulation test from 4 optional low temperature -70 °C; -60°C; -40°C; -20°C to high temperature 180 °C. 

Chambers with Single-stage Refrigeration systems are capable of achieving workspace temperatures down to -20°C. This is fine for many commercial and industrial tests that require low temperatures of typically 0°C, -10°C or -20°C. A single-stage system uses one compressor to directly cool the workspace.

Chambers with Cascade Refrigeration systems are capable of achieving workspace temperatures down to -40°C~-70°C depending on model. This is required for many ruggedized industrial, automotive and military test procedures that require low temperatures of typically -40°C, -55°C or -65°C. A cascade system uses two interdependent compressors.

Standard Features
Interior stainless steel plate (sus#304)
Baked panel and durable blue powder coated exterior steel plate
High density polyurethane froth insulation or fiberglass insulation
Welded structural base frame with removable service panels
Dual silicone one-piece door gaskets with vulcanized corners
Multilayer tempered heated viewing window; Anti-condensation & frost free
One leak-proof 50mm (2 ") access port with plug on the left
4 heavy duty casters
Fin heat disperse-stainless steel heater
PID controlled-stainless steel humidifier
2 levels shelves, stainless steel
Temperature measuring with PT100 in air outlet

Anti-explosive interior lamps
AC Power Cord
Fast recovery fuses
High pressure protect
Phase reversal protect
Circuit breaker system
System fault status indicators
All wiring color coded and labeled for troubleshooting
High temperature failsafe limit

Dupont R-404A [No Fluorine] Refrigerant
Hermetic-single/cascade compressor
Air cooled type (Fins with fan) condenser
Oil separator
High efficiency plate heat exchanger
Inherent compressor overload protection

Japanese Unique 7" color touch-screen controller
Self prompting operation with 100 programmable segments.
600 days’ historical date
Real-time and historical curve record
Ethernet Connection
USB-Connection to save measuring data on USB Stick
Online software to connect the PC with the controller to operate from PC

Calibration report for temperature humidity values from manufacturer

Optional Accessories
Additional cable access ports Ø 50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm
Additional shelves
Glove ports to move the test specimen without opening the door
Chart recorders
Microprocessor (digital indicator) controller
220, 415,440 or 480 Volts power input optional (depend on requirement)
Boost cooling system, LN2 or CO2 (enable faster cooling rate and product temperature change rates in an environmental chamber)
Additional Pt 100 for temperature measuring on test specimen
Additional temperature protection for test specimen
Smartphone or tablet pc WIFI monitoring
Variable air speed in the test space
Water cooled condensers with coil pipe available
Calibration certificate for temperature humidity values from 3rd measurement institution.
RS-232/RS-485 data interface