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Temperature Test Chambers

Temperature test chambers focus on the required temperature simulation test from 4 optional low temperature -70 °C; -60°C; -40°C; -20°C to high temperature 180 °C. Note: 1.Chamber working room size could customize. 2.If test specimens have active load during test, please inform us. 3.This is temperature only model, if need make humidity test, please refer to humidity chambers.

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Salt spray test chamber is the most reliable equipment for checking corrosion resistance of surface coatings when exposed to a salt-laden environment.
Oscillating Spray Testers

Oscillating Spray Testers

Oscillating spray testers are equipped with oscillating tube to fulfill different spray angel requirement of IPX3 spraying water test and IPX4 splashing water test.

Settling Dust Chamber

Settling dust chamber is used to check the protection against solid foreign objects to verify the degrees of protection IP5X "Dust-protected" and IP6X "Dust-tight."


Automotive testing may have the largest variety of unique tests of all industry specific applications. From a variety of components to full vehicle testing, environmental test chambers could help automobile manufacturers to improve product quality. readmore
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Environmental chambers are utilized in the electronics industry to test various types of components such as ICs, circuit boards, semi-conductors, transducers, storage drives, power supplies, touch panels, switches/connectors and more. readmore
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Solar Energy

As a very important alternative energy sources, solar energy panels need to be able to withstand whatever mother nature throws at them. For this reason, environmental testing has become a integral step in product development and design. readmore
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Paints and coatings, particularly when applied to outdoor equipment and housing will come under prolonged attack from the environment. Understanding and improving upon the durability of your finish is essential to ensure your customers remain happy. readmore
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Aerospace & Military

Whether space shuttles, airplanes or helicopters, aerospace vessels are subject to extreme situations. These situations range from extreme changes in temperature through to vacuum states in outer space which could be verified by climatic testing. readmore
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The telecommunications industry is required to test several of its products in order to establish product quality and reliability by simulating test conditions that the products will meet during the product’s use, transportation or storage conditions. readmore
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Chamber Introduction-The Methods to Maintain and Check Your Test Chamber Regularly.

2021-09-24 Environmental test chamber maintenance tips to keep your chamber in good condition.

Chamber Troubleshooting-Why Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Can’t Cool Down

2021-09-24 The reasons and solutions that temperature humidity test chamber can't cool down

Test Standards-MIL-STD-810G-2008 USA Department of Defense Test Method

2021-09-24 MIL-STD-810G-2008 covers many environmental test standards, please download freely if needs.
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